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Who we are cgidev2

IBM i Solutions

Serving the Chicago area with over 20 years of experience developing software exclusively on the IBM i platform.

iSeries integration - make sure you are making the most of your IBM i in a heterogeneous computing environment.

Safely and securely"Web Enable" your IBM i.

We offer you the option of Off-Site development using our IBM i system.

We have extensive expertise in all application areas, specializing in ERP packages:


Members of IBM's Partners in Development program.

Let Dunn-Rite Services put you safely and securely on the Web.

Rocky Road Ahead!
The IBM road map for the iSeries is a plan to move you from green screen RPG programs to WebSphere and Java. WebSphere and Java are wonderful technologies (java lies), but have 2 main problems: 1). Hardware required (aka $$$) and 2). New skills needed (aka time and $$$).

At Dunn-Rite Services, we believe there is an evolutionary, not revolutionary path to application modernization. CGI programming (CGI lies) using CGIDEV2 development methodology. These IBM provided tools, allow us to write web based applications using RPG or COBOL and your existing business logic as well as OS/400 objects with out the problems associated with a WebSphere/Java solution.
Internet / Intranet Applications
Using the CGIDEV2 methodology, see how Dunn-Rite Services put Miracle Metals , a leader in the Coil Coating industry, on the web. Not with static, stale HTML pages and pretty pictures, but by providing customers access to live, dynamic data. Data that use to take customer services reps half their days to compile and fax/email to the customers.

Dunn-Rite Services has enabled Miracle Metals to achieve a significant competitive advantage by providing the ability for Miracle Metals’s customers to access their order, inventory, production and shipping information in real time, 24 hours a day, from any client with a browser. The competitive advantages don’t end there. Because the Miracle Metals site was written using ILE RPG, it can be maintained and enhanced by their existing staff with their existing skill set.
Web Site Positioning
Putting your company on the Web is just the beginning.  If you rely on search engines for customers to find you, you must be on the first or second page of the search results or customers will not find you and may be find your competition instead!  We can put you and keep you in the Top 20. 
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