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IBM i Solutions

Serving the Chicago area with over 20 years of experience developing software exclusively on the IBM i platform.

IBM i integration - make sure you are making the most of your IBM i in a heterogeneous computing environment.

Safely and securely"Web Enable" your IBM i.

We offer you the option of Off-Site development using our IBM i system.

We have extensive expertise in all application areas, specializing in ERP packages:


Members of IBM's Partners in Development program.

Dunn-Rite Services News

News That Matters:   

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS-DB/Dynamics Corporation, makers of the DB/Mend Area Code Management System for the IBM iSeries Midrange computer, has signed cross marketing agreement with the Information Technology Group L.L.C.(ITG) of Chicago Illinois.  ITG already has the best Area Code Management System for the PC market with its Area Code Update software and with the addition of the DB/Mend product, now offer best of breed products for the Midrange as well as the PC market.  For more information, contact:

Information Technology Group


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