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IBM i Solutions

Serving the Chicago area with over 20 years of experience developing software exclusively on the IBM i platform.

IBM i integration - make sure you are making the most of your IBM i in a heterogeneous computing environment.

Safely and securely"Web Enable" your IBM i.

We offer you the option of Off-Site development using our IBM i system.

We have extensive expertise in all application areas, specializing in ERP packages:


Members of IBM's Partners in Development program.

Dunn-Rite Services Application Suite

DB/Dynamics Corporation is our Software Development Company.  DB/Dynamics offers the only suite of Telephone Number processing applications for the IBM iSeries.

DB/Mend is the Telephone Number Management System.  This product is intended for companies that depend on accurate telephone and facsimile information for their businesses.  The explosion in cellular and paging has caused the area code "split" problems.  DB/Mend is the answer.
DB/Guard is the only Telephone Number Validation System available on the AS/400 today.   A batch process reports invalid Telephone numbers in your database. Our callable module enables you to validate telephone numbers before they are committed to the database. User configurable, fast and flexible Telephone Number validation is here today with DB/Guard.
DB/Mask provides an easy way to format existing data in your database.  DB/Mask allows you a way to enforce business rules on your data without having to enlist the assistance of a computer programmer.  Totally user configurable.  Originally designed to format Telephone Number in your database but can be used to format any alphanumeric field in your files.  Once created, rerun at scheduled times to ensure that your data is in the correct format.  DB/Mask is the answer to all your data reformatting needs.
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