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Who we are Web Services

IBM i Solutions

Serving the Chicago area with over 20 years of experience developing software exclusively on the IBM i platform.

IBM i integration - make sure you are making the most of your IBM i in a heterogeneous computing environment.

Safely and securely"Web Enable" your IBM i.

We offer you the option of Off-Site development using our IBM i system.

We have extensive expertise in all application areas, specializing in ERP packages:


Members of IBM's Partners in Development program.

Let Dunn-Rite Services help you join the Software as a Service revolution!

Since 2008, Dunn-Rite Services has been helping clients Consume and Provide Web Services using ILE RPG on the IBM i.

Consume or Provide, SOAP or REST based Web Services using XML or JSON messaging.
IBM IWS Server
Provide SOAP based Web Services using XML messaging.
Configure SSL and apply Digital certificates to secure your Web Site and Web Services.
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